Welcome to the Competency Hub!

As organizations develop cultures of continuous improvement and seek to involve everyone, they often look to the rapid scaling of belt level training. The problem is that belt level training for all is wasteful. For each belt level, there is an industry standard body of knowledge that is to be taught. For some, it's what's needed. For others, it's "over production" -- wasted time and energy learning more than what is needed for an individual to create value with their jobs and in the evolving culture. Even for those needing the entire BOK, waste occurs due to precipitous drops in retention because too much time often elapses from new skill "training" to new skill "doing" through application and usage.

The purpose of The OpusWorks® Competency Hub is to share information and facilitate dialogue as organizations seek better, less wasteful ways to build their CI cultures. We will also provide periodic updates, case studies and demonstrations about the solutions - both content and system - that OpusWorks® is developing to help its clients tackle these challenges.

OpusWorks®, an innovative provider of learning and performance solutions for Lean Six Sigma and problem-solving disciplines, introduces its Competency Hub for Basic Problem-Solving; CLICK HERE to learn more.

OpusWorks® is most grateful and appreciative of its strategic partnership with Cargill Corporation. Cargill's mandate is "CI4E" (Continuous Improvement for Everyone). It's a daunting effort that is described in this white paper that was produced in August, 2022 ... CLICK HERE ... which begins to explain why the new OpusWorks® Competency is crucial to Cargill's success, and perhaps yours as well.